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Mid Michigan Family, LTD.

Mid Michigan Family - Counselors and Therapists
Mid Michigan Family, LTD provides counseling and therapy services to the Central Michigan and Mid Michigan area. We specialize in sexuality services, individual therapy, marital and family therapy and relationship counseling. John Petras and Laura Gourlay help clients overcome difficulties and achieve transformation through a variety of therapeutic techniques.

Ms. Gourlay and Dr. Petras are affiliated with the American Psychotherapy Association, the National Association of Forensic Counselors, and the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH). Dr. Petras is a provider for WPATH.

Counseling & Therapy Services

* Individual Counseling and Therapy
* Marital and Family Therapy
* Relationship Counseling and Therapy
* Supervision and Assessments

Sexuality Services

* Sexual Difficulties
* Victims and Survivors of Sexual Abuse
* Sexual Offenders
* Sexual Concerns of the Intellectually Disabled
* Sexual Concerns in Relationships
* Gender Issues
* Sexual Orientation
* Sexual Concerns of Children and Adolescents
* Family Reintegration Following Sexual Abuse