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Therapy Services

Sexuality Services

Sexual Difficulties
For individuals or couples who have sexual concerns or dysfunctions and those who simply have questions. We work with all sexual paraphilias.

Victims and Survivors of Sexual Abuse
For children, adolescents and adults who are victims or survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and incest.

Sexual Offenders
For those who wish to change their behaviors. We work closely with mental health agencies and the courts.

Sexual Concerns of the Intellectually Disabled
For mentally impaired and special needs individuals who have difficulties with sexual and social issues and behaviors. For those who are sexual victims and/or sexual offenders. We work closely with mental health agencies, developmental disabilities services and the courts.

Sexual Concerns in Relationships
For those who are experiencing sexual difficulties which are interfering with happiness and fulfillment in significant relationships.

Gender Issues
For those who may be experiencing questions of gender identity or concerns of transsexualism, transgenderism, transvestism, or cross-dressing.

Sexual Orientation
For individuals experiencing concerns or questions regarding their heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality.

Sexual Concerns of Children and Adolescents
For children and adolescents experiencing difficulty with sexuality and sexual behavior. For those concerned with conflicts of values.

Family Reintegration Following Sexual Abuse
For families who are experiencing difficulties in reintegration following the disclosure of sexual abuse

Therapy Services

Individual Counseling and Therapy
For adults, adolescents, and children who are experiencing difficulties with the concerns, stresses, and problems of day-to-day living.

Marital and Family Therapy
For couples who wish to resolve difficulties between themselves or within their families.

Relationship Counseling and Therapy
For individuals or couples who are experiencing concerns within the context of their relationship. Counseling for those experiencing difficulties unique to living alternative lifestyles. Counseling for those in abusive situations.

Separation and Divorce Counseling
For Individuals or couples who are uncertain about whether they want to end their marriage or who are experiencing difficulties resulting from separation and divorce. Counseling for children of divorce.

Supervision and Assessments
Dr. Petras provides supervision of therapists seeking licensure and certification in the following areas: LPC, Sex Counseling, and Sex Therapy. Also provided are sexual offender and sexual victimized assessments for mental health agencies. Social Services Agencies, Attorneys, and Courts.

Mid-Michigan Family, Ltd has served as the sponsoring professional agency for Parents Anonymous in the Central Michigan area.